As the population of Facebook users is growing fast, companies are paying more attention to the influence of social networks to promote brands and are using this rising platform to carry out many marketing activities, such as operating a Facebook Page, and hosting on-line events via such pages. However, few studies have discussed the benefit, which brands could attain by operating on Facebook Pages. This study took place in Taiwan where Facebook has been very popular and aims to understand the motivation and results regarding brand experience of consumers when using social networks and the reasons affecting consumers willingness to use companies Facebook Pages. In doing so, we propose a model to discuss the influence from intrinsic and extrinsic motivations: brand experience and E-Word of Mouth (E-WOM). Our results show that perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness positively influence brand experience; brand love and customer effort both directly influence brand experience. Yet, brand experience influences E-WOM directly and through Facebook pages such as loyalty. We believe that our results could be useful for companies looking to exploit Facebook as a marketing tool.