Industry analysts have received increased attention within information systems research during the past few years. Acknowledged as propagators in the diffusion of information technology (IT) innovations, they provide their clients and the neighboring industry-community with definitions, tools and frameworks intended to aid both managerial decision-making and operations. They have been described as 'promissory organization', building revenue through selling future-oriented promises and expectations. At the same time, they are producers of artefacts with a performative affect, changing the way in which decisions are made and operations are organized. This paper addresses the research question how industry analysts propagate IT frameworks. This is answered through an ethnographic study conducted at one of the largest annual gatherings of industry analysts and industry leaders in 2011. The story that unfolds highlights aspects of co-creation taking place in one studied session, introducing a new perspective on the propagation of IT frameworks, as well as the need for further studies of industry analyst gatherings.