As information technology becomes ubiquitous and as networks connecting information systems are growing denser and continuously expanding, information infrastructures (II) emerge as a relevant and interesting topic for IS research. At the same time, design and management of information infrastructures become issues of practical concern for policy makers and managers. Information infrastructures have been studied for some time by IS academics and important ideas and insights have emerged from these studies. However, traditional IS research methods and theories are ill suited to the study of information infrastructures. This panel will explore the usefulness of practice theory to study information infrastructures. It will address four questions: 'How can practice theory contribute to the study of II development?' What are the drawbacks of applying practice theory to the study of II?' To which extent can II be designed/managed as seen from a practice-theoretical perspective?' How do industry-level practices interact with company-level practices in processes of II development? o What constrains the possibilities for acting in such initiatives? o How do existing II create/condition opportunities for acting.