Due to the fast growth, Cloud Computing has become a non-transparent market with providers and customers willing to adopt it. Furthermore, many offers only partially meet customers? requirements and it is not clear how exactly Cloud Computing influences the IT. That makes it difficult for customers to plan migration projects and implement sustainable Cloud solutions. There are important factors and considerations for the decision to adopt Cloud Computing. The current studies and research in this field can be summarized to focus around the questions why adoption of Cloud Computing would occur, how much adoption would take place or how it would be adopted. But the adoption requirements covering all three service models (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) have barely been discussed in literature so far. A detailed understanding of Cloud requirements enables customers to adopt Cloud solutions efficiently. Therefore this paper aims to contribute a framework addressing the adoption and selection of Cloud services. A Cloud Requirement Framework (CRF) was developed, concentrating on relevant requirements for adopting Cloud services targeting all three service models. To develop this framework we followed a design science approach and conducted a systematic literature review, an extensive market analysis and an evaluation based on expert interviews.