Selecting suitable customer relationship management systems (CRM) is a decision problem with economic, behavioural, technical and functional implications. It is important to methodically identify an appropriate solution with regard to the various aspects of the decision. In this paper, a practical test of the previously developed customer relationship management system selection (CRMSS) process model is conducted in a case study with an automotive safety goods supplier. The process model used was constructed based on a literature review and further refined by expert interviews and two international online surveys. To test the models applicability and align phases, tasks, roles and deliverables with practical experiences, qualitative interviews were conducted with the different stakeholders in the evaluation project. The CRMSS process model was then further refined according to the conclusions drawn from the presented case study. The first application of the process model suggests that it is considered as relevant for practice and can be understood and applied successfully for a CRM selection and evaluation. In the context of the case study the model was customised to meet the needs of the project.