In this paper, we present a Near Field Communication (NFC)-based electronic data capture prototype for patient self-reported rating scales. Such scales are valuable feedback for medical treatment and care processes. As traditional paper-based questionnaires are time- and cost-consuming and may be affected by low patient compliance, our prototype allows patient monitoring and electronic data acquisition directly from the patient's home. It enables real time representation and analysis of patient data and thus allows direct medical intervention by physicians. In developing the prototype, we followed a design science approach, developed design goals for the special case of patients suffering from impaired motor skills, and tested the prototype in a field study over the course of twelve weeks. We chose NFC, as the interaction paradigm is intuitive and quickly learned, without prior knowledge being necessary. Our results indicate that NFC is almost as simple as to fill out a paper-based questionnaire. During the study patients used the prototype autonomously and with minimal errors. Further, NFC technology was perceived as very intuitive and the information quality of each patient's health status could be improved. Based on the findings we derive recommendations for future research and applications of NFC based electronic data capture systems.