Meeting performance targets for IT projects is difficult, and skilled project managers have been identified as a key factor in maximizing the possibilities of success. Our goal in this study was to identify critical behavioural competencies for IT project managers, including competencies necessary for entry-level positions and competencies that distinguish superior performance in IT project management. Two categories of competence, team leadership and concern for order, were associated with higher levels of IT project performance outcomes. The behaviours within these two categories provide a useful focus for organizations seeking to improve their project management performance. Some of these behaviours - for example, detailed planning and managing meetings - are entry-level behaviours that should be the target of basic training for novice project managers. Other behaviours - for example, accurate estimation and problem solving strategies - were observed in fewer respondents and could be the focus of more advanced training for incumbent project managers. Additionally, two valuable but infrequently observed behaviours ? creating a compelling vision and ensuring alignment with business strategic goals ? were correlated with performance related to supporting longer term business benefits from IT projects, suggesting that developing project manager competence in these behaviours would be particularly beneficial for achieving long-term success from IT projects.