This study examines the ERP pre-implementation process in a Small-and-Medium-Sized Enterprise (SME), and identifies critical issues in this process. The ERP pre-implementation phase comprises issues of selecting ERP software, vendors, and consultant. It is a critical process especially for SMEs which normally have limited resources and IT competencies. Interesting findings from this study demonstrate that ERP pre-implementation in a SME is a demanding process which required a high level of knowledge and competencies about the system, and tough negotiation processes between project leader, vendor, resellers and consultants. By using the CEO’s business network to check the resellers’ track records, and invite prospective resellers for auditions, the project team was able to find a proficient reseller and consultant. In addition, the company organized business case scenarios to test the competencies of consultants. Building a long term partnership and trust between the company, the reseller and the consultant was considered critical. Thus, to choose the most sufficient actors for implementing and supporting the system, seemed to be just as critical as selecting the system itself.