ICT-enabled international sourcing of software-intensive systems and services (eSourcing) is a powerful strategy for managing businesses more effectively. China is becoming a superpower for eSourcing service provisioning, but most Chinese providers are small or medium-sized and leverage the mediated eSourcing model, delivering services to foreign ICT clients that interface with end-clients onshore. This model restricts the providers to low-value projects. This paper probes eSourcing of software testing services within the Chinese market. Testing is studied for two reasons. First, testing is one of the best ICT services, small- and medium-sized providers can provide to develop domain and technological knowledge required to transcend the limitations of the mediated sourcing model. Second, high software quality is paramount as software has become ubiquitous. This paper draws upon a literature review and a case study to create and validate a life-cycle model for testing that helps providers develop the capabilities for overcoming the limitations of mediated sourcing. The class of integrated requirements, test, and defect management systems is found to be the most important class of information systems for enabling the life-cycle.