Problems and challenges with information technology and information systems (IT/IS) outsourcing often do not relate to the strategic level, but to the operational level. Especially organizations with little experience with larger IT/IS outsourcing programs face operational problems with the steering of external outsourcing providers. In this paper, we propose a reference framework that structures the required processes for an effective steering of IT/IS outsourcing relationships. The research is based on the design science paradigm in information systems research. In a first step, we derive a framework from related literature and knowledge in this particular area. We then use extensive fieldwork to evaluate our framework and to develop it further. The suggested framework proves to be a viable instrument to support the structured analysis of current processes and the definition of suitable target processes for the steering of IT/IS outsourcing programs. This paper‟s primary contribution therefore lies in providing an applicable instrument for practitioners, as well as in extending the existing body of knowledge on IT/IS outsourcing.