More than 10% of the German gross domestic product is spent on health related services every year a good proportion of these funds allocated to information technology (IT). A review of the literature reveals that IT in hospitals is a vastly under researched area, although anecdotal evidence reveals that the efficiency of IT usage in German hospitals offers room for improvement. Therefore we ask the research question: What are the salient factors influencing the efficient usage of IT in hospitals? To answer this question we set up a research project combining technology acceptance models, social cognitive theory and perceived risk theory to frame the perceived risk of liability for medical malpractice due to incorrect system usage. This research in progress paper presents the theoretically derived research model and gives an overview of the research project. The project is scheduled to start in July 2011 and is carried out in conjunction with two hospitals and a leading provider of IT and services for the health care sector. Anticipated findings are not only insights into the antecedents of user behavior but also an instrument to measure efficiency of IT usage and a framework to positively influence IT usage in German hospitals.