Regulatory compliance has become a critical concern for many industries around the globe and investment to achieve compliance has increased drastically inline with that concern. While Information Systems (IS) are considered a part of the support architecture, anecdotal evidence suggests that organisations struggle with finding the right tools and guidance on approaches for compliance management. For this reason, we undertake a review of the current research on compliance management topics in the Information Systems domain, with the ultimate goal to carry out a gap-analysis between research-based solutions and the current needs of compliance management professionals. In this paper, we consider thirteen Information Systems journals and perform an exhaustive analysis of the type of compliance management research published at these venues in the last five years. The analysis found forty-five relevant articles, which were then further classified depending on the type of their contribution. The results of the analysis suggest that IS research in managing compliance has received increasing attention in the recent years. The study also suggests that research has predominantly focussed on exploratory studies, rather than proposition of solutions that can assist organizations in their compliance management regimens.