Problem solving patterns in design science research - Learning from engineering


Within information systems the design science research (DSR) paradigm aims at the development of

useful artifacts, e.g. models or methods, with which relevant IS problems can be solved. In analogy to

the engineering discipline construction processes have been proposed for DSR. Although different

phases of such construction processes are explicated in several articles, contributions are missing that

propose patterns/principles that support the constructor during the different phases of the construction

process. Vaishnavi and Kuechler (2007) address this issue by proposing DSR patterns. Their contribution is a substantial one; however, it does not include comparable pattern approaches from the engineering discipline for the foundation of the proposed patterns. Bearing in mind that DSR has its roots

in engineering, it is important to analyze so called problem solving patterns from engineering and to

compare them to the DSR patterns. Using this as a basis, it is our research goal to examine whether it

is possible to expand the existing DSR patterns to include patterns from engineering. As a result, 14

additional DSR patterns are proposed which originate from engineering, have not been discussed so

far, but promise to be useful for DSR in information systems

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