Recently, several disasters have affected the tourism industry. In order to mitigate the effects of

disasters, increasing the level of preparedness is essential. However, despite the devastating effect

disasters can have on tourism, few tourism organizations have properly developed disaster strategies

as an integral part of their business plans. Emergency management systems that utilize mobile

communication infrastructures can provide prompt information delivery to save human lives. Several

supra-national initiatives and research projects are working on possibilities to facilitate mobile

communication networks for emergency management systems. However, the success of such systems

depends on users being familiar with the service, which is difficult to achieve, if the system is solely

used for emergency management. Therefore, we propose a system design that allows the integration of

mobile value-adding services. We also present exemplary services, which offer value to tourists and

create business opportunities for the tourism industry. The central component of our proposed system

design is a service platform, which communicates with mobile network operators and provides basic

services for service providers from the tourism industry and the emergency manager via service