The ‘SISP community’ is an evolving environment, which generally learns from the past. However, the

lesson that top management commitment is a key determinant of SISP success has not been learnt.

Regardless of the industry type or size, a lack of real commitment from senior management is still the

main reason for the SISP formulation and implementation failure. The study introduces the SISP

Stakeholders’ Designation construct to analyze commitment and participation of the available SISP

resources in the light of maximising success of SISP. Also the association between organisational

learning and management commitment to SISP is examined. A postal survey of top management from

260 Australian companies revealed that obtaining high-level stakeholder engagement is critical to

SISP success. The study presents optimal roles and level of engagement for the SISP Stakeholders’

Designation. It was found that if every managerial stakeholder’s designation is committed to SISP in

all its phases it may result in wasting of valuable time and resources. The findings point to SISP

learning reviews as a significant antecedent for managerial commitment to SISP.