The respondents’ ‘Perspective on measurement’ is an important design consideration in contemporary Information System (IS) evaluations. An Enterprise System (ES), unlike a traditional Information System, entails many stakeholders ranging from top executives to data entry operators. These stakeholders typically have multiple and often conflicting objectives and priorities and rarely agree on a set of common aims. The importance of analyzing ES-success at multiple levels within organizations has been discussed among academics for several decades with no clear consensus with the employment cohorts. There is no universal agreement on what employment cohorts should be canvassed. This paper seeks to identify the salient stakeholders of ES and illustrate the importance of assessing ES-success from multiple perspectives. The two-phased study analyses data of 310 respondents and examines 81 IS-success studies. The study identifies three key employment cohorts in the context of ES and highlights the importance of measuring ES-success from a multi-stakeholder view point.