It is now widely accepted in today’s competitive business environment that E-Business standards are a critical part of conducting business electronically with trading partners, suppliers and customers. This paper presents a case study of an organisation in pursuit of becoming a 100% E-Corporation. This research study focuses on the Accounts Payable and Procurement functions of the organisations supply chain and documents the deployment of two E-Supply Chain initiatives undertaken by the organisation, highlighting the impacts, benefits and drawbacks of these initiatives to both the organisation and their suppliers. As a result, the findings of this study suggest that organisations need to ensure a common understanding and definition of what they are striving to achieve in undertaking an E-Supply Chain initiative, both in terms of their business objectives and the objectives of their suppliers. Issues of concern around tax and legal issues, supplier readiness, internal and external system and process changes, project ownership, knowledge of supplier layers, and measures of success are presented, illustrating the impact of E-Business on the supply chain.