XML has been known as a document standard in representation and exchange of data on the Internet, and is also used as a standard language for the search and reuse of scattered documents on the Internet. The issues related to XML are how to model data on effective and efficient management of semi-structured data and how to actually store the modeled data when implementing a XML contents management system. Previous researches on XML have limitations in (1) reproduction of XML documents from the stored data, (2) retrieval of XML sub-graph from search, (3) supporting only top-down search, not full-search, and (4) dependency of data structure on XML documents. The purpose of this paper is to present a hybrid XML data model architecture for the storage and search of XML document data. By representing both data and structure views of XML documents, this new XML data model technique overcomes the limitations of previous researches on data model for XML documents as well as the existing database systems such as relational and object-oriented data model.