The paper focuses upon the contribution that knowledge management portals can make to the enhancement, development and improvement of professional expertise in the Construction domain. The paper is based on the e-COGNOS project1 which aims at specifying and developing an open model-based infrastructure and a set of tools that promote consistent knowledge management within collaborative construction environments. The specified solution emerged from a comprehensive analysis of the business and information / knowledge management practices of the project end-users. The system architect uses a Construction specific ontology as a basis for specifying adaptive mechanisms that can organise documents according to their contents and interdependencies, while maintaining their overall consistency. e-COGNOS has a web-based infrastructure will include services allowing to create, capture, index, retrieve and disseminate knowledge. It also promotes the integration of third-party services, including proprietary tools. The e-COGNOS approach will be tested and evaluated through a series of field trials. This will be followed by the delivery of business recommendations regarding the deployment of e-COGNOS in the construction sector. The research is ongoing and supported by the European Commission under the IST programme – Key Action II