Currently there is no effective pharmacological method for treating problem drinkers without having negative side effects. Although previous studies indicate that brief office technique has positive effects on decreasing drinking. Problem drinkers’ behavior change is still the most effective “cure”. With Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) enabled, cellular phones with access to Internet provide a great opportunity to adopt mobile Internet as a means to support behavior change. This paper presents an innovative approach to target this issue and provide a solution based on interdisciplinary cooperation between health and information technology professionals. There are three phases in this study. The first phase is to implement a preliminary assessment to explore problem drinkers’ physical and psychological needs. Then in the second phase a WAP Web site will be constructed to provide alcohol related information tailored to their needs and also trying to use other functions such as on-screen icons, chat etc. to support behavior change. Finally a feasibility study will be implemented to evaluate the effectiveness of applying mobile Internet to addictive behavior change in comparison with traditional brief office techniques.