The introduction and the development of m-commerce will be a major challenge, as the cost of 3G licenses in several EU countries appears already in the initial stages to be out of proportion. And it seems clear that without real substance in m-commerce products and services the investments in the new mobile technology may still fail. Yet, not much is known about what actually will be the m-commerce products and services. Here we will propose to build them around value-added product and service modules, some of which are going to be completely new as we can take advantage of the new mobile technology. We will argue that value-added products and services can (should) be built around smart/intelligent technologies, which would be part of the products and/or services themselves or form support systems for (i) the users, (ii) the producers and (iii) the management of m-commerce products and services. Some of the needed technologies are already available, and we can readily implement them for the coming prototypes of the new 3G-based systems.