Monitoring the system and services is unavoidable if quality of service (QoS) is to be provided. This paper describes monitoring of middleware components, which express the business logic of e-business applications, and the environment in which they execute. Middleware components have become important because of their prominent role in the EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) and implementation of n-tier web applications. We have developed a framework and a supporting toolkit that enables a QoS specialist/engineer to facilitate monitoring and reporting. Two types of monitored data are collected. The QoS engineer identifies critical activities withing a component so that their delays can be captured. Also collected are data from probing sub-systems forming the environment in which the components execute. We discuss in detail our approach to instrumentation of monitoring probes. Probes habe been successfully instrumented for a number of (sub)systems that form the environment in which the componenets execute, systems that include operating, network, and DB systems.