The design of an IS postgraduate curriculum may take as staring point existing model curricula and guidelines. However, the landscape of Information Systems, as well as the needs of the target market continuously changes. Additionally, the idiosyncrasies of the specific local academic and business environments (e.g. existing undergraduates programmes and local market needs), either purposefully or implicitly, pervade the design of curricula or influence their development. As part of the research undertaken to ascertain the content and direction for a new postgraduate curriculum in IS, several activities were Designing a Postgraduate Curriculum in Information Systems: A Greek Case [Case Study] 1071 carried out, including a study of existing curricula worldwide, a survey and study of the global and national landscapes of IS curricula, both undergraduate and postgraduate, and of the needs of local IS industry. This paper describes the approach taken and the resulting postgraduate IS curriculum, and highlights how this approach can be used by others and adapted to their needs.