Hospital Information Systems (HIS) are implemented to support the provision of high-quality patient- centered care. Yet, there is little evidence about how to achieve meaningful involvement of patients in the decision-making process for the adoption of HIS. Furthermore, there is little known whether particular HIS adoption decision-making frameworks in which patients are involved are employed in hospitals. To address this gap, we conducted a study allowing us to gain insight on how to practically and meaningfully involve patients in this process. A synthesis of literature and case studies have indicated that there is no single, optimal approaches of involving the patients in the adoption decision-making process. In this article, we present evidence from 15 semi-structured patient interviews to understand the phenomenon of involving patients in the decision-making for the adoption of HIS. Extending the DECIDE model, we consider the key HIS adoption factors found in the literature and interviews and present a Patient-Centric Decision-Making HIS (PDM-HIS) framework. The key contribution of this research is twofold. First, we extend the DECIDE model within a HIS context and explain the importance of adopting a patient-centric approach to HIS adoption. Secondly, we offer hospitals guidance about how to involve patients and in which specific activities of the adoption decision-making they can be involved. These research recommendations will form the basis of a future study.

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