Self-driving cars have been started to be quickly manufactured and tested for real driving on the road by various companies such as Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, General Motors, Google, and Uber. Uber’s involvement in developing self-driving technology is not a secret – its autonomous vehicle pilot program has been widely mentioned and discussed. However, it seems that people forget one thing when they read the news about the launch of driverless taxi by Uber: Uber is also a leading company in sharing economy that provides a technology platform to collaborate with its ‘registered partners’—who are human drivers and will be replaced by self-driving technology soon. What is the solution for Uber drivers’ dilemma – stay or prepare to leave ridesharing business? This research proposes to provide a research model to answer this question with the ‘real’ factors that will make customers choose ridesharing service with human drivers. A two-step approach with detailed survey on customers as well as semi-structured interview on drivers will be conducted. It is expected that this research will help current Uber drivers know their positions in the dynamic market. People who are facing the similar dilemma (i.e. will soon be substituted by future technologies) will also learn how to survive in the competitive business environment.