Digital transformation in the public sector can lead to innovative ways of working with stakeholders, improved service delivery frameworks, and data-driven societal benefits. However, not all public sector organizations, particularly local governments, are ready to adopt digital technologies such as big data. Governance frameworks are critical for technology management, and key stakeholders must be prepared before technology adoption. Recognizing that top management support is crucial for digital transformation projects, this study looked at the state of readiness of metropolitan municipalities in South Africa to adopt a big data governance framework (BGDF). The study had two objectives: first, to assess the readiness for a big data governance framework, and second, to identify what the respondents considered essential in such a framework. Framed by the technology readiness index (TRI), the study found that the stakeholders were not only ready but also had a good idea of what should be included in the framework. Both of the findings resonate with extant literature. The study concluded that the technology readiness index was suitable for investigating digital transformation readiness and that the proposed big data governance framework is a viable initial option.