In recent years, remote work has grown enormously, as has the adoption of digital technologies and shadow IT. There has never been a situation where workers could choose to use their own devices and cloud-based applications. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, large numbers of workers suddenly found themselves at home. Understanding how this shift to remote working has impacted digital resources, the use of shadow IT and individual performance is of great importance to academics and professionals. This study seeks to analyze the relationship between digital capabilities and shadow IT usage on the one hand and individual performance on the other in the context of remote working. To do so, a survey was carried out among a sample of 188 IT and non-IT executives from Brazil working remotely. The resulting data were analyzed using IBM-SPSS 24 exploratory analysis and PLS-SEM software to test the measurement and structural model. In the study we identified that shadow IT usage is positively related both to digital capabilities and individual performance. The main findings reveal that to understand the behavior of employees and how these systems are being used is essential for the individual performance of company employees to be maintained or even improved.