Digital Transformation remains one of the most important topics on the agenda of researchers and practitioners alike. The intelligent orchestration of existing organizational structures and new emerging digital technologies is vital to stay competitive in an increasingly digitalized world. Since a successful digital transformation needs specific competencies to adapt to rapidly changing environments through digitalization, the development and use of so-called dynamic capabilities plays an important role in the process of digital transformation. Whereas existing research primarily focuses on dynamic capabilities for digital transformation at an organizational level, this study sheds light on the use of dynamic capabilities at an individual level. By conducting a qualitative interview study with top managers of several firms across different traditional industries, this study aims to analyze the role of dynamic managerial capabilities in digital transformations and investigates how top managers utilize these capabilities to digitally transform their business. The preliminary findings of this research in progress paper indicate that dynamic managerial capabilities play an important role at the individual level of top managers and that managers use different ways of utilizing sensing, seizing, and transforming capabilities to orchestrate digital transformation. In that regard, this study provides various important implications for practitioners and researchers alike.