The knowledge required for diabetes prevention and management among the rural people in developing countries vastly remains in the state of non-existence. To address this, a diabetic knowledge sharing platform, as an effective means for diabetes prevention, control, and treatment, can play role in increasing diabetes awareness and literacy. Currently researchers have emphasized the scope of peer-led learning by knowledge sharing on social media platforms in healthcare context. Therefore, by identifying this scope, we have prototyped a mobile app integrated with social media features to enable diabetic patients for cost-effective peer-led learning, knowledge sharing, and awareness building. In this process, we resorted to follow the cycles and guidelines as proposed in the Information System Research (ISR) framework for identifying users' needs and preferences as well as building the theoretical foundation for the design of an app. This study demonstrates that the users had positive response and well acceptance to this prototype app as a medium for peer-led for diabetes management. Based on the findings, the researchers are optimistic about the potentiality of the app for a wider scale adoption by diabetic patients as a cost-effective peer-led learning platform.