Information and communication technology (ICT) has become an integral requirement to develop and implement a digital policing strategy for South Africa's Police Services (SAPS) for 2020 and beyond. ICT is vital for transformation to ensure information technology is implemented to revolutionise ailing state departments in South Africa. Information Technology (IS) has become part of everyday life in the twenty first century to transform policing in Europe and the Oceania's, while South Africa has been lagging in creating an enabling policing environment to provide effective and efficient service to manage crime. Phenomenal advances in digital policing have transformed research in Europe and the Oceania's but South Africa have a dearth on research and the impact of ICT service delivery for policing. Current socio-economic and political turmoil and an increase in violent crime is creating uncertainty for the South African economy which has stagnated due to international investment slowing down. South Africa's Police Service (SAPS) is floundering under pressure due to lack of service delivery and bureaucratic leadership. The objectives of this research is to revolutionise SAPS by implementing a digital strategy to achieve the following objectives; a) implement digital technology to transform all aspects of policing using a phased approach; b) provide a wide ranging assessment of police employee challenges relating to recruitment and development, assessment of the current training facilities and education and understanding the use of technology; c) re-engineer policing practices to understand police organisation units focusing on outcomes, and d) promoting relationship between policing and communities by prioritising technology for communication. Prioritising these objectives further research will be required and a strategic plan will be developed and implemented for SAPS creating an enabling work environment to address the surge of crime and make the communities safe for families. In order to achieve these results government should prioritise funding to address policing challenges in dealing with crime effectively, paving the way for a safer and crime free society.