Although the development of e-commerce can expand market for manufacturers, it requires more fairness. With the rising of consumers’ awareness, an enterprise who does not concern fairness will loss reputation and customers immediately, especially in e-supply chain system. Based on this great significance, the paper introduces fairness concern into e-supply chain, constructs two dominant models in Stackelberg game and discusses the decision-making processes respectively. Results show that: (1) The profit of network platform increases with the growth of commission, as well as the service level, but the profit of manufacturer decreases. Therefore, manufacturer does not prefer a higher commission when she dominates. (2) In a certain range, the service level and sales price both reach the highest point with a dominant network platform who concerns fairness, at the same time, they have positive correlation with fairness degree. (3) Fairness concern is beneficial for poaching consumers, so dominant enterprises should concern it forwardly even though sacrifice profit.