The use of mobile devices is becoming more popular by the day. With all the different features that the smart mobile devices possess, it is starting to replace personal computers both for personal use and business use. There are also more attacks concerning security on mobile devices because of their increased usage and the security measures not as effective and well-known as on personal computers. The perceived perception is that the young adult population does not act safely and they have a low level of technical advanced knowledge when using their mobile devices. Mobile users are largely responsible to protect themselves and other users from a security viewpoint. This paper reports on a study including a survey done regarding the behaviour of tertiary students concerning security of their mobile devices. Aspects of mobile device security will be discussed and the current status of tertiary students’ behaviour regarding mobile device security will be presented resulting from a survey conducted at a South African University. Findings indicate that tertiary students have diverse behaviour levels concerning mobile device security. The value of these results is that we can focus on specific content when educating smart device users on the subject of security including avoidance of risky or unsafe behaviour. Recommendations in this regard are presented in this paper.