The goal of this research is to understand the conceptualization of IT Corporate Governance (ITCG) and discuss the dichotomy and sometimes paradoxical approach between the definitions in literature and what is included as part of IT Governance field. The data collection has been conducted through a systematic research of ProQuest databases. As a result, 536 publications have been found between 1983 and 2014 with the search terms. Through content analysis, the research has been refined to a group of 457 articles published between 1995 and 2014, considering nature of research, base theories, research strategy, and use of basic concepts. The results show that numerous studies are not using ITCG theory as a foundation to support their arguments. Only 110 publications deal with the context and definition of the seminal concepts. As a result of content analysis it is observed that 237 publications could be considered as inclusion errors because they do not address enough artifacts to be worked as the subject of IT Governance, most of them portray of best practice models in a conceptual basis. Through the preliminary results, it is possible to think about the extent to which these basic concepts even are enough to what is being researched as IT Governance, or at what point the researches has indeed addressed the proposed subject.