For modern businesses with high levels of technology, IT governance frameworks with guidelines reflect the responsible actions of the Board and executive management and also maintain the organisation’s fit and well-being. However, these responsible groups must ensure the organisations are in a risk-free situation and avoid negative influences which may affect organisations. IT infrastructure is the key factor for organisations, as a result of changing business tasks and integrating business activities, in order to work effectively with more returns. The literature has discussed the potential of businesses to employ IT to enable organisations to integrate job functions with IT resources, without boundaries, to avoid problems, and minimise risks. Therefore, organisations can employ an existing IT infrastructure and combine it with new technologies, new systems and applications, and the skill and competency of employees, to use new technologies smartly and proficiently. Thus, these relevant issues raise the significant question of IT governance in organisations and IT domains, due to the need to control and manage processes and resources within and across organisations. This paper proposes to examine the most appropriate solution for Boards, to align strategy and operate organisational integration by effectively implementing IT infrastructure and IT resource management within organisations.