Electronic procurement technologies and practices have matured significantly in the past decade. However, the existing literature might suggest the adoption of eProcurement is still very limited. However, our recent survey of 334 purchasing management professionals in Canada found that over 75% of the organizations have used eProcurement technologies for at least one year and over half have used eProcurement for at least three years. While only 24% of respondents were satisfied with their organizations’ current eProcurement implementation, 72% of respondents felt that their organization would benefit from more usage of eProcurement. This paper contrasts the results of a survey on eProcurement adoption, success factors, and challenges conducted in 2009, with findings from prior studies. The preliminary findings suggest that many of the barriers to success identified in earlier studies (such as lack of management support) have largely been overcome, yet the technical challenges of integrating information systems and processes remain. This paper concludes with a call for more intensive field studies to further explore these findings.