In this paper a high-level strategic conceptual assessment on the extent of compliance of the three main Software Development Lifecycles (SDLCs) - STD, RUP, and MSF-CMMI, with three of the main CMMI schemes (SW, DEV, and SVC) is reported. While that the SDLCs theme is a permanent and shared topic in information systems and software engineering research, however, the compliance of SDLCs with IT standards has been few explored. Our research goal is to establish an initial high-level strategic assessment on how the most usual SDLCs satisfy three of the main CMMI schemes. Compliance analysis is based on: (i) previous results reported in literature, (ii) a comparison of the CMMI specific goals of each process area versus the generic SDLCs core workflows descriptions, and (iii) joint academic and research expertise in SW standards from authors. This paper contributes an initial assessment which should be considered from a strategic view due to the coarse unit of analysis. A finer grain analysis in the level of SLDCs’ workflows and activities versus CMMI’s specific practices and typical work products is suggested.