Organizations use models to depict their strategic business processes and systems in order to provide an abstraction of the work carried out in these processes and systems. These models are drawn using different modeling notations, such as REA, data flow diagrams, and BPMN. Not only is there variation in what concepts are included in these models, but this variation leads to communication difficulties within and between organizations. The purpose of this research project is to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of a newly developed notation, eBPMN, which includes concepts from all widely used models and is intended to serve as a single notation for the entire organization. eBPMN extends BPMN notation (which is intended as an extensible standard for modeling business procedures) to include concepts from all modeling approaches. In the evaluation the new notation eBPMN is compared against existing notations on efficiency (time required to comprehend the model) and effectiveness (comprehension of the process modeled).