In an exhibition context, brands seek to ensure that the advertising they use is remembered and perceived positively by consumers. Therefore, storytelling has assumed an increasingly relevant role. Therefore, decisions must be made about the structure and content of advertising, so that the objectives are achieved. Therefore, the objective of this investigation is to understand whether advertising recall with storytelling and, in particular, two components - structure and content - influence consumers' general opinion about storytelling advertising and their opinion in relation to specific factors: information, entertainment, trust and irritation. Through a questionnaire, with 202 valid responses, and using SPSS for statistical analysis, it was possible to measure the results. Therefore, it was concluded that the advertisements most remembered by respondents are related to drinks. The structure of recalled advertising influence’s opinion about information, trust and entertainment. The content of the recalled advertising, and opinions about information and entertainment influence the general opinion about it. Irritation caused by advertising negatively influences opinion regarding entertainment, trust and general opinion about storytelling advertising.