Forensic Dental Medicine is part of the group of Forensic Sciences, having as its main objectives the observation and technical-scientific evaluation of the oral cavity and teeth, to obtaining expert evidence in judicial situations. It plays a very important role in human identification, when it’s not possible by other means, due to disfigurement, decomposition, charring or in major catastrophes, with a high number of victims to be identified. Teeth are the most stable, resistant, and durable structures in the body, maintaining their properties and characteristics. There are several methods of analysis in this area, such as comparative dental analysis, which uses ante-mortem records, comparing them with the post-mortem records obtained, namely dental pieces, surrounding tissues and other particularities such as restorative treatments or anomalies. An Information System applied to Forensic Dentistry could be advantageous, making the process faster, more effective, and safer, through integration, better accessibility and sharing of information.