IoT in the Support of Marketing Actions. Case study: Porto City Park

Bentub, University of Maia
Vieira, University of Maia/UNICES
Pratas, University of Maia/UNICES, ISCAP/P.PORTO, GOVCOPP.UA


This study aims to understand how large databases generated from IoT systems can be used for Marketing and Organizational Management purposes. Through this research work, an attempt was made to highlight the importance of understanding the advantages of using data from an IoT system, especially regarding user behavior and developing well-segmented strategies, which will later translate into competitive advantages. In this work, it was made the study of a case, of a smart counter solution provided by Wavecom, implemented in Porto City Park, capable of sending real-time readings about the occupation of a given space. The theoretical contextualization of this study was based on exploratory research of relevant bibliographic works. In a statement, this work added value to fill gaps in the areas of the themes under study, offering a deeper understanding of the correlation between the large amounts of data generated by IoT systems and their use in Marketing.