Cloud Computing Applications in Smart Cities

Teofilo Branco Junior, Universidade do Minho
Isabel Celeste M Fonseca, Universidade do Minho


The great challenge of smart cities is to control and monitor a large amount of data and information related to the technology deployed in the environment covered by the towns. In this scenario of the great profusion of data, the Clouds act as a host of applications and generate high-capacity databases such as IoT sensor data and information from multiple applications in the interaction between people, entities, and governments. This article addresses the leading Cloud Computing applications in a Smart Cities scenario, considering aspects such as its applicability and the benefits most proposed by the scientific community. The relevance and contribution of Computing Clouds was evidenced through the wide scope of its application by creative and intelligent solutions for management and development of smart cities. For this, We conducted a literature review about this topic in repositories of scientific papers.