Role of the CIO in the Age of Digital Transformation

Denisa Correia Borges, Universidade do Minho
Luís Amaral, Universidade do Minho


In the last ten years, the Digital Transformation concept has been growing, inevitably because of the disruptive technologies that the fourth industrial revolution “made available”. In view of these “revolutions”, it is expected that there will be changes in organizations both in terms of business processes and in terms of the functions performed by professionals, namely those of the CIO. In this way, this article aims to study to what extent the role played by the CIO will change with Digital Transformation. The two watchwords of the moment are, change and innovation, triggered by the phenomenon of TD, the CIO will have to follow and adapt to new times, becoming an activator and an Agent of Change, Technology Strategist. The CIO's role is not watertight and, therefore, will change over the years.