The Phenomenon of Fake News in Social Networks: the Role and Performance of Public Relations in Cabo Verde

Benilde Carvalhal, ISCAP - IPP
Susana Pinto, ISCAP - IPP
Luciana Oliveira, ISCAP - IPP


Fake news have acquired an overwhelming expression in the development of social networks, which ensures their accelerated propagation and reproduction. As mediators of communication between organizations and audiences, Public Relations (PR) professionals are a field of action where the challenges of misinformation are particularly critical in building and maintaining the institutional image and reputation, organizational differentiation and building relationships of trust with their stakeholders. In this article, we present a research proposal oriented to current and future PR professionals, for the evaluation of the awareness of the phenomenon, in its historical and conceptual context and in the specific context of social networks; the evaluation of the effects of fake news in organizations; the evaluation of sociocultural measures and mitigation of the phenomenon; and the evaluation of strategies and specific measures of the profession, in the preventive and reactive domains, to combat the organizational effects of fake news.