Health care is an activity sector with an enormous personal, social and economic importance. The procurement process in the public hospital is critical and very complex due to the need to satisfy in a timely manner the numerous requests for purchase of a large quantity of goods and services, quite diversified, while ensuring the demand for adequate quality and quantity, cost containment and compliance with the extensive legal regulations governing this process. The Public Procurement Code, by allowing the use of electronic platforms, created a potential for innovation in the procurement process of public entities. However, a significant effort is still needed to change traditional work practices, and to adopt new routines and behaviours, so that the organization will profit from the potential benefits of digital transformation. This paper presents a project developed in a public hospital that seeks to increase the speed in meeting the needs of goods and services, and to maintain the governance of the process, based on: (i) elimination of activities; (ii) training of employees; and (iii) automation of activities.