With the proliferation of online Tourism websites, consumers’ Web-based search queries for cues that minimize the uncertainty surrounding brands and the risk associated with corresponding purchase decisions become more commonplace. Yet, despite the recent interest in user-generated online reviews, understanding how various dimensions of ‘the message’ (online review) may affect consumers’ perceptions of a review’s trustworthiness, and whether the latter drives brand attitudes and subsequent booking intentions remains unknown. To fill this gap, a 2x2x2 scenario-based online experiment was designed exposing participants to real user-generated TripAdvisor.com reviews, and an online questionnaire was used to evaluate antecedents and consequents of review trustworthiness. Using PLS-based structural equation modeling (SEM), our findings offer a comprehensive framework of the review characteristics—timeliness, accuracy, and reviewer credibility—that drive overall perceptions of review trustworthiness, brand attitude, and booking intention. Implications for theory and practice are discussed.