The actual competitive business environment, requires that organizations have at their disposal flexible applications that can be easily adapted to attend the changing business requirements. In this context, business rules management is increasingly being perceived as relevant by the Information Systems development teams, due to the multiple benefits that come from its implementation. Anyway, the so-called Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS) are not presently seen by organizations as essential for their survival, as the adoption of these systems tends to be a long and expensive process. However, some other solutions began to appear which might be considered alternatives to these systems. Indeed, the widespread use of BPMS (Business Processes Management Systems), some of them already offering BPMN (Business Processes Model and Notation) enriched with DMN (Decision Model and Notation) and CMMN (Case Management Model and Notation), may threaten the actual dominance of the management rules area by the present BRMS. Which raises the following question: "In the future, will BPMS make BRMS superfluous by also support the management of business rules?"