This research deals with the implantation of IT enterprise applications in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). It comprises two main phases. The first phase aims at deepening the existing understanding of the process of adoption and implantation of IT Enterprise applications in SMEs. Besides a literature review this phase includes the realization of case studies and interviews of the different players in the adoption and implantation process. The second phase aims at producing models and methods to guide SME in implantation of IT enterprise applications. This phase follows is being carried out under the Design Science Research (DSR) paradigm. This document presents the advances and results obtained in understanding the problem and determines the work to be done soon. The main findings to date are: Government regulations are the main motivations for implanting IT enterprise applications in SMEs, the cost is not the main selection parameter for SMEs with previous experience in applications, it is necessary a person inside the company that knows the core of the business, to save costs it is not necessary to migrate all the data of previous solutions