Introduction of eHealth is one of the key long-term goals of digitalising the public sector in Slovenia. Despite certain challenges, great progress has been made in the field of eHealth solutions. The paper presents an in-depth analysis of the functionality and use of the Patient Health Portal zVEM and the Central Registry of Patient Data (CRPD) in recent years, especially during the COVID-19 epidemic. The comprehensive methodological approach was based on the literature review, the examination of project documentation and technical specifications, the expert opinion of eHealth managers, and actual statistics from administrative and business intelligence modules. The results imply that during the epidemic the zVEM took on an important role in informing and raising public awareness. From the patient's point of view, the zVEM is certainly one of the major gains in recent decades. Accordingly, the use of the zVEM and CRPD has been growing exponentially. However, although eHealth solutions have undergone unprecedented development in recent years, much effort will have to be made by all stakeholders in the future, and additional human and material resources will have to be provided if we want to maintain progress and perhaps even accelerate the development of healthcare informatics in Slovenia.