About 75% of our healthcare costs go to four domains (cardio-, onco-, neuro- and metabolic) of diseases which are largely preventable or even reversible. Instead, they are ‘managed’ and made chronic, not cured. This is very costly and unsustainable for the future. Research is showing new opportunities for enhancing our body’s self-repair in a matter of hours or days. We want to empower personal cure with rapid feedback for self-management. What could be an interventionand bio-feedback portfolio to promote health self-repair within hours or days? Using a cross-case design analysis, we found large differences across the four health domains regarding: intervention aims, (self-)measurement options, focus on symptoms vs causes, plus degree of attention for health selfmanagement. Given recent developments in rapid cure, we advise advanced daily bioinformatics feedback, instead of current quarterly cycles, to improve our self-repair effectiveness.