It has been noted that implementation climate is positively associated with implementation effectiveness. However, the recipe for a successful implementation of IS/IT systems still doesn’t exist. Specifically, it is unclear what a "good" implementation climate requires, what it should be, and to what extent the acceptance and success of the implementation of a new IS/IT system is affected. Despite success and opportunities for organizations that innovate with information systems (IS) and information technology (IT) in general there are also many failures of IS/IT implementations caused by both technical and non-technical problems. This study, based on the Klein-Sorra model of implementation effectiveness, shows that skills and innovation-values fit do significantly influence intention to use in the context of our questionnaire-based survey, the implementation of a new document management system (DMS) at the Dutch Police. Survey data was collected from 41 end-users. For practitioners, this research offers practices to be considered during implementation of a new system.